guitar lessons leicester


I always strive to take the mystery out of music. Many students are reluctant to embark on playing the guitar as they believe that they are not 'naturally' musically talented or that the odds of success are dramatically reduced because they have little or no previous experience playing music. This simply is not true.

Whilst I am happy to teach music through the traditional means, using standard music notation and theory, I also use other approaches to teaching, such as guitar tablature, which is more accessible to those without a formal musical background.

As part of your learning experience, you'll have access to your own private, personalised page on our website. This page will contain your lesson updates, where you can view you own bespoke instructional videos and other supporting materials. I have recently begun teaching up to grade 5 from the Rock School syllabus so, if you would like to take learning the guitar more seriously or if you are just curious as to how good you are, then please contact me to find out more about the course.