Frequently Asked Questions

Does it matter what style of guitar I want to play?

Simon is happy to teach most styles, to a beginner or intermediate level. The basics of the guitar are all the same irrespective of your preference of genre. However, if you are looking to progress onto a more advanced level, Simon specialises in Blues, Rock and Metal styles.

Is there a set format for lessons or do you offer a range of approaches depending on my ability and preferences?

If you're looking to go ahead with Guitar Lessons, we'll always take time out to visit you to ensure you are happy with all arrangements. A big part of this involves sitting down with you, to discuss your needs with a view to agreeing a way ahead. Simon also has some experience of working with Special Educational Needs. If you wish to discuss his experiences, please feel to drop us a line to talk to us at greater length.

Do I have to book a course of lessons?

No, you can pay for single lessons as you go. However, discounts are available for block bookings and you are more likely to be guaranteed a regular time slot.

How Do I Pay?

Cash, direct transfer and cheque payments are acceptable.

I don't have a guitar yet - can you help?

Yes! I can advise on which type of instrument would be best for you & can make reccomendations of where to buy. I also have a range of guitars of my own which you may try. Feel free to contact us to arrange a taster session.

Why do I need a tutor when there are free lessons online?

There is lot of really good stuff out there to get you started but you cannot ask a text book or online tuition video much needed questions. One to one tuition will greatly speed up your progress.

CRB checked?

Yes, proof and references are available upon request.

Any other questions?

If you have any questions that haven't been answered on our website, please don't hesitate to contact us either by email or by calling 0781 365 5217